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The Plan to Lift combo includes the Foundation program and the Sculpt Program. This combo pack will have training program that will last for 22 Weeks (10 Weeks of Foundation and 12 Weeks of Sculpt). Our intention is to give people a long term program to look forward to and follow. 


Advantages of the Combo offer:

  •  You get both the Foundation and sculpt program together at a discounted price. 
  •  If you are looking for a program to continue after the foundation program, you will have continuity with the sculpt program. Sculpt is designed to be a natural progression from the Foundation program.
  • You can repeat the Sculpt program again and have upto 34 Weeks worth of training program.
  • If you are confused between foundation and Sculpt, you will have access to both and can follow both and have natural progression.


$54.99 Regular Price
$38.49Sale Price
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